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EYFS - Latest News

Our EYFS children have been very busy over the last week, learning, exploring and having fun with friends!  


Here's some of the topics that your child/ren have been covering and we have included some lovely pictures for you too.



Our story this week is ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have enjoyed learning to retell the story using lots of expressive story language and story actions. In our story, the gingerbread man didn’t want to get his feet wet in the river so we decided to find out why. We put some gingerbread biscuits in water and predicted what we thought might happen:

“He might sink.”

“He might get soggy and mushy.”

“He might get frozen today.”

“I think he will get drained down to sea.”

 “He will get washed up on an island.”

Some children suggested that we put one gingerbread man in hot water and one in cold water. This is what we discovered:

 “He’s going soggy quickly in the hot water.”

“The cold water reached his neck.”

The children checked the gingerbread biscuits over a few days and decided that the biscuits were beginning to disappear. A few days later they noticed that they were going mouldy and this created lots of interesting discussions.


Snow Play

It snowed this week!! We had lots of fun playing in, and exploring the snow. The children recognised that the sun would come out and melt the snow soon.

The children searched the playground for ice and found lots and lots! We discussed that the ice started as water in the trays, tubs and tyres and because it had got very cold the water had turned into ice. In some places the ice was very thick and incredibly heavy to move. We looked at the thickness of the ice, patterns that we could see in the ice and the different shapes of the ice. The children investigated what happened when we dropped the ice and spent time digging and transferring the snow around the playground using wheelbarrows.

“It’s too cold to hold.”

“This ice is very slippy.”

“It’s making my hands wet.”

“Ice can be sharp so we need to be careful.”

“I am making footprints in the snow.”

“This ice is really heavy.”

“It is really hard to break.”

We really enjoyed making snow castles and rolled the snow into large balls so we could build snow people together. Super teamwork!!


Which part of the gingerbread man did we eat first?

We all love eating gingerbread men and we wanted to find out how we all eat them! We all had a gingerbread man to eat but we didn’t want to eat them all in one go like the fox did! We were very careful, just taking one bite and then finding out which part we tasted first….was it the head, the leg or the arm?

We went around the circle and asked which part each person had eaten first and recorded their answer on a tally chart. The children were able to talk about which part of the gingerbread man was most popular to eat first by looking at the number of tally marks on each part of the chart.

After we had filled in our tally chart, we were able to gobble down the rest of our gingerbread men! Yummy!


History this term

This term our history has been learning about how we have grown and changed from babies into toddlers and then into the children we are today. We had lots of fun ordering our photos, talking about how we have changed and what we did then and what we can do now.