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Long Row Primary School

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Science is taught weekly in both key stages 1 and 2. In key stage 1 pupils are encouraged to look more closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world around them. They are encouraged to build on their natural curiosity by asking questions about what they see. They are guided to develop their understanding of science ideas through observing changes, noticing patterns and grouping/classifying things. They begin to use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out. Most of this learning stems from first hand practical experience.

As children move into key stage 2, they work towards a deeper understanding of scientific ideas. Building on their work in key stage 1, they ask their own questions about what they observe and begin to decide which methods of scientific enquiry are likely to be the best way to answer them. In lower key stage 2 they start to draw simple conclusions, using scientific language to talk about and record what they have found out. Later on, pupils select the most appropriate methods of enquiry and draw their own conclusions based on data and observations. They use evidence to justify their ideas, and use their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain their findings.

Our long term plans can be viewed below.