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Science is taught throughout schooI in a cyclical progressive style, where pupils have the opportunity to build on prior learning and develop their knowledge and understanding. Working scientifically is an integral part of our science lessons across all key stages and pupils are taught a range of skills at different stages, that will help them to grow their understanding and knowledge.

At Long Row, by using resources and time effectively, we  modify, adapt and scaffold lessons in order that all children, including those who are disadvantaged or have special educational needs, learn and make progress.

In the EYFS, pupils have opportunities to develop their natural curiosity and investigate a wide range of scientific concepts through play and via continuous provision. Following the EYFS Framework and supported by "Development Matters" as a cornerstone to their learning, pupils are helped to explore and ask questions about the world around them.

In Key stages 1 and 2, pupils take part in weekly science lessons following National Curriculum objectives, supported by the "Plan It" scheme of work. Pupils are encouraged to build on their natural curiosity from the Early Years and are guided to develop their understanding of science ideas. Through making careful observations, noticing patterns, grouping and classifying and carrying out simple comparative tests, often using the school environment and the local area to stimulate learning, they begin to use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out.

As children move into key stage 2, they work towards a deeper understanding of scientific ideas. Building on their work in key stage 1, they ask their own questions about what they observe and begin to decide which methods of scientific enquiry are likely to be the best way to answer them. In lower key stage 2 they start to plan their own tests including comparative and fair tests, draw simple conclusions, using scientific language to talk about and record what they have found out. Later on, pupils select the most appropriate methods of enquiry and draw their own conclusions based on data and observations. They use evidence to justify their ideas, and use their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain and report on their findings.




Science at Long Row

Science Week at Long Row 2024


Science week has been great fun at Long Row. All the children in school have been carrying out fun investigations based on the theme of "Time," as well has taking part in STEM workshops with STEM ambassadors. All of us have been keeping a close eye on our ducklings as they have hatched and grown!


Look at some of the exciting things we got up to......