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Long Row Primary and Nursery School

Inspire, Respect, Belong


At Long Row Primary and Nursery School, Design and Technology is taught throughout school following the objectives in the National Curriculum 2014. These are covered over a 2-year cycle that is progressive and builds upon prior learning. To support our planning, we use the Chris Quigley Companion Scheme in Key Stage 1 and 2. In EYFS, we follow the objectives from Early Learning Goals from the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 2023 Handbook and planning is supported by 'Development Matters'.


Through our design and technology curriculum, children will learn about designing and making things that are useful to us in everyday life. Ideas will be generated from things that are already around us and children will learn about some designers who have influenced our world today. They will also consider how designs have changed over time. They will master practical skills in order to make high quality products and take inspiration from existing designs and the process involved.

Projects will always follow the four step design process when completing their projects:- design, make, evaluate and improve.

Children will always be mindful of the intended user and purpose of their product when engaging in a design and technology project. 

We ensure our Design and Technology curriculum is accessible to all pupils, including those pupils with SEND. The curriculum may be adapted, scaffolded or modified to ensure that all children have the opportunity to achieve in the subject.