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The importance of children's physical, emotional, social and mental health


PSHE is vital in a child's education. At Long Row, we aim to provide high quality PSHE through explicit lessons and 'in the moment' teaching and discussions as needs arise. Below, you will find lots of documents to provide you with information about what we're teaching and when. This includes: the PSHE unit cycles, the PSHE and RSE policies, unit overviews for the current unit being studied (*IMPROVED!), Government and Long Row specific information on the statutory requirements of RSE, our RSE parent consultation results (*NEW), a document on answering awkward questions, information on our lending library and our parent group.


We hope you find this information useful and it answers most of your questions. If you have any further questions or require further information about what your child will be learning, please contact their class teacher.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs North


KS1 and KS2

The PSHE curriculum is based around the Derbyshire County Council’s ‘PSHE Matters’ framework and is implemented on a two year cycle A and B.

This academic year 2021/22 is cycle B. We also include 'Special Days' to supplement the children's learning, including: Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Anti-Bullying Day and Internet Safety.


Cycle A 


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Years 1-4

Being Safe

Difference and Diversity

Bullying Matters

Money Matters

Drug Education

Relationships and Growing Up

Years 5-6

Being Safe and Drug Education

Difference and Diversity and Bullying Matters

Money Matters



Changes and Growing Up


Cycle B


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Years 1-4

Being Responsible

Being Me

Being Healthy

Exploring Emotions


Growing Up

Year 5 - 6

Being Responsible

Being Me and Exploring Emotions

Being Healthy


RelationshipsChanges and Growing Up


The units have been separated into half terms so each half term has a specific focus. 

The children are encouraged to engage in activities that promote an understanding of themselves as growing and changing individuals, and as members of a wider community, based on their own first hand experiences. These activities also encourage pupils to understand how their choices and behaviours can affect others.



Unit Overviews


Our PSHE unit for Summer Term is Growing Up for Years 1-4 and Growing Up and Changes for years 5 and 6. Please click on the unit overviews below for the objectives and vocabulary being covered and some conversations you could have at home. Included, are some useful links to supportive websites and a link to our Lending Library Book List. 

Period information for parents and children

Websites that include videos as teaching aids  - age-appropriate information, clear and accurate language, with many short videos that help explore various topics around puberty, body changes, periods, etc.


Websites that include lesson plans as teaching aids - online resources including a range of free home-schooling lessons for different age ranges, to support parents to talk openly about bodies, body image and relationships. Subscribe to a free newsletter. - parents, carers and teachers can sign up to Brook Learn for free online modules on a range of RSE topics.


Websites and resources for children with additional learning needs

Autism and Puberty - The Place for Children with Autism - books on growing up for parents to share with children with learning disabilities

What is RSE in Primary School?

Visiting sites such as Family Lives is a good start point – there are lots of videos supporting various topics – you can access Parents TV through here as it splits it up into age ranges and topics for you. Click here to access the site: Family lives – Parent TV 



How it works

You or your child’s teacher may notice your child needs help with:

  • Behaviour
  • Social issues
  • Emotions
  • Anxiety or worries
  • Questions on puberty
  • Internet safety
  • Grief
  • Separation / divorce


We have started our collection of books, which aim to open up discussion with your child in a relaxed and informative way and/or give ideas and support. A synopsis of the books are available in the school office and online.


Teachers may offer a book or you can request one by speaking to your child’s teacher or the school office. The more books parents borrow; the more grant money we will receive to get more books for these and other categories.


Below is a link to the list and synopsis of books we have.


Lending Library Brochure

Parent Group                                                                                              


The Parent Group has a small number of parents across the year groups and meets to discuss how best to support parents in supporting their children. We have also discussed the information parents would like from school and this has developed our unit overviews.


We are also looking for any parents to send in names of any website and/or resources thy have found useful in talking with their child(ren) and answering any questions they have in an age-appropriate way. Please send these via email to the office with the subject 'RSE Resource ideas'


The group will meet with Mrs North two - three times a year to:

  • Discuss PSHE and RSE
  • Help organise the parent lending library
  • Support the production of parent guidance
  • Put forward ideas and suggestions


We are always looking for new members to join our group

If you would like to join please contact us via email: putting 'Parent Support Group' in the subject box.

Please give:

-your child's name and class

-your name and email address


Looking forward to seeing more of you...

Mrs North

Information and Guidance on talking with your child

Useful Links