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Long Row Primary and Nursery School

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At Long Row Primary and Nursery School, Art and Design is taught throughout school following the objectives in the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early Learning Goals from the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 2016 Handbook. These are covered over a 2-year cycle that is progressive and builds upon prior learning.  To support our planning, we use ‘Development Matters’ in EYFS and the Chris Quigley Companion Scheme in Key Stages 1 and 2..

In EYFS, pupils have the opportunity to explore Art and Design on a daily basis through play, continuous provision and enhancements that develop and teach specific skills and techniques.

In our ‘Create' Term in the Summer, pupils throughout the whole school will be developing their own ideas, using the work of famous artists that have created work around a similar theme, such as ‘flowers’ or ‘animals’, to inspire their artwork and designs. They will explore using a variety of materials and techniques and master a range of skills, for example, drawing, painting and sculpture. They will be given opportunity to apply these to produce their finished piece of work. As pupils progress, the will be encouraged to think critically and develop a deeper understanding of the subject. They will learn about great artists and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

In addition to our Create term, Art and Design techniques are taught throughout the year to support other areas of the curriculum, for example, creating art work inspired by ’The Great Fire of London’ in History in which collage and painting techniques are explored.

We use local artists to enhance learning and events in our local community to showcase our work, such as the annual ‘Well Dressing’ festival.

Our Art and Design curriculum is accessible to all pupils, including those pupils with SEND. The curriculum may be adapted, scaffolded or modified to ensure that these children have opportunity to achieve in the subject.

Art and Design at Long Row