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5/6's STEM Ambassador Liz Tinlin


The Year 5/6's have had a very interesting lesson with STEM Ambassador Liz Tinlin, who educated the children on all things space!


Liz is extremely knowledgeable about space and showed us lots of pictures and scales of the different planets and the sun.


The children had some very interesting questions and Liz was amazed at how much they already knew from what thy had learnt so far in their science lessons.


Isaac asked what space was made of and Liz started to talk about dark matter and dark energy, but said that honestly, scientists didn't really know!


Nell asked how big the universe was and the answer to this question was that no-one had been to the edge of the universe, so no-one knew for sure if it went on for eternity!


Bridget asked what it was like in space and Liz explained that only 640 people have been into space and they described it as amazing, weightless and humbling to see how small Earth was.


Rosie asked how you talked to astronauts and Liz explained it was like using a radio, but the delay could be 20 minutes!


Lily asked how Liz had become interested in space and Liz explained that she did a project at school and used 5 orange crayons colouring in Mars. She said she found space so weird and fascinating.


Well done to all the year 5/6 children for listening so respectfully and having such interesting questions.