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Sports Premium


At Long Row Primary School we believe that all children should have access to 2 hours of high quality PE per week. As a school we aim to ensure that encouraging children to enjoy physical activities and sport will ensure that they lead healthy and active lives long in to adult hood. We believe that CPD for our staff is important to develop the teaching and learning across the school. As a result we utilise the schemes of work from the Amber Valley School Sports Partnership (AVSSP) which can be found at and have a qualified coach James Smith to support and develop the PE teaching skills of our staff on Wednesday's each week. As a school we invest £5700 in to this.


Local links

Locally we work with Amber Valley School Sport Partnership who are a local charity helping schools with PE, School Sport and Physical Activity. Annually we subscribe to the partnership to access a number of opportunities that our children can access including a wide ranging competition calendar for all year groups. In addition, the subscription gives us support around the PE curriculum and we are able to evidence the PE Premium by using to track and evidence our spend in school.

We are also lucky enough to be situated opposite Belper Meadows where a range of sports clubs are based.  We have links with many of these including -

Belper Measdow Tennis Club see -

Belper Town Football Club see -

Belper Hockey Club  see -

Belper Meadows Cricket Club see


Through our partnership link with AVSSP we also have bikeability for our students which has supported students gaining an understanding of how to ride a bike or have a greater understanding of safer cycling [KS2]). We encourage as many of our children to actively travel to school through walking, scooting or cycling.


Our school are committed to ensuring that children have their recommended 30 minutes daily physical activity in school and whilst we encourage the active travel to and from school we also have a number of extra curricular clubs that support this. Our active playtime has been supported by us using 'Craze of the Week' phycial activities, Mini-Leader games and the extra curricular clubs are delivered by James Smith, Teachers, Central Soccer School - who provide lunchtime and after school football clubs, Paceball after school clubs and Multi-Sports after school clubs.

This document explains how we use the additional funding for sports premium at Long Row