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Welcome to Tremendous Turtles!

Mrs North year 3/4

School Closure Home Activities!




So we're into week 2, which would be the last week of half term. I've been busy the last couple of days sorting out this weeks home activities. I have enjoyed finding some great tasks for you to do next week.


Remember - You can just pick the activities you would like to do or use the routine idea if you wish to. It's completely up to you. If you've found some other Roman project ideas or art activities or PE you enjoy - do those instead! If you wish to write a diary of your own time and the things you have done with your family - write that instead. Please ensure you have plenty of time to be with your family and try new things together. These tasks are aimed to give you some focus or structure and help you adapt, but please do not stress about getting them all done. 


- For maths - there is a link which will take you to a video which explains the lesson and the follow up sheet is below (answers found on site for parents too!) YEAR 4 - USE WEEK 2 !!


I've also found a lot of cool things to do over the Easter break if you wish to (we are not setting 'work' like we have been over the holiday, so these will be things to fill the time if you wish to). These include: nature activities, Easter crafts, Minecraft ideas, POKEMON ideas, Easter maths, and more!


Mrs Hamlin's class are winning the TTRockstars Battle - Keep going team!


Useful links / things I have seen about:


- Chester Zoo are doing videos of their animals on their website


- David Walliams is doing an audio book a day


- Steve Backshall Wildlife on Youtube


- Virtual museums


- Explosive science!!


- Free audible books:


I am enjoying writing your reports this week. Spending time doing school work with my children, playing catch and football in the garden and having time with my book in the evening. 


Mrs North x


Wednesday - I was in school yesterday and took some pictures of the lovely things you've done to remind you of how awesome our class is. Keep going team - play games with your family, read lots, bake, sing, dance, draw, colour! :)


LOVE the emails! Thank you so much. Think Mrs Taylor is worn out forwarding them to me. I have seen some wonderful WANTED posters, skeletons, reading, reading in strange places (the stairs!), gardening, cake baking, maths and interesting hair! (Love it Issy and I won't tell Mrs Lodge!)


For those of you looking for MATHS ANSWERS - if you click on the maths links for the day and select the right lesson, there is a 'get the answers' section for each lesson. 







Week 2 :)

Some of the FAB work you've sent me :)

Support for parents

30 day Lego challenge!


If the link is TWINKL use 


Week one written in a loose schedule


So, for Week 2 - here are some PE ideas to choose from daily.

Joe Wicks Live on YouTube 

(good for the Grown ups too!)

Go NOODLE! We use this in class for breaks and the children love it!

Just Dance

If you type it in YouTube there a loads of videos to choose from.

Play catch - get those catch skills up!

Play with someone in your household or see how many catches you can do in a minute - you could throw the ball up in the air and clap, throw it against a wall and catch it or bounce and catch it.

Draw a hopscotch grid and play hopscotch.

Play hide and seek


Make up your own dance or exercise routine to your favourite song


Or try these daily challenges!

Week 2 - Monday

Pick a PE activity

Reading - complete the Fox reading comprehension


 Maths –

Year 4: WEEK 2 Step 6 - Divide 2-digits by 10 Lesson 1


Year 3: Unit and non-unit fractions: Lesson 1


If your child finds these tricky, you can have a go at these: Lesson 1 - Make equal parts and the worksheet below.

Spellings – contractions PPT quiz (if you haven’t got PPT – do the sheet instead)

English Diary Project:

Research what life was like for a roman child: You can use any site but here’s some I found:




Art: Do some shadow art in the garden (see picture for ideas)


Boudicca Information - read through the information and then make a Boudicca Wanted poster. Use the template as an idea or design you own!

15-30mins: TTRockstars – login and play. Aim to do at least 10 garage, studio or sound check.


Week 2 - Tuesday

PE - pick an activity Reading comprehension ‘The Cat in the Witch’s Woods’.

Maths: WEEK 2 Lesson 2 Step 7 - Hundredths


Year 3: Lesson 2 Making the whole


If your child finds these tricky:

Lesson 2 - Recognise a half

Spellings starter: pick 5 spellings from the list and practise them using an idea from the spelling menu.

English – read the Stone Age diary entry. Can you spot these features

– fronted adverbials

- ly adverbs  

- senses (what they could, smell, taste, see)

- list the things they did in the day

- what emotions and feelings can you find?

Roman History book project – begins today. At the end of the week, you will have made your own Roman book! I have put a link to a few sites and a video. Today, you need to gather the facts you want to write about. (As you are taking notes, think about headings you could use for each section)

Draw, paint or cut out a rainbow for your window! See pictures for your ideas.

15-30mins: TTRockstars – login and play. Aim to do at least 10 garage, studio or sound check

BATTLE ENDS at 11:30am!

Week 2 Wednesday

PE - pick an activity


Year 4: WEEK 2 Lesson 3 Step 8 - Hundredths as decimals

Year 3: Lesson 3 Tenths


If your child finds these tricky: Lesson 3 Find a Half

English –

Plan – today, you can plan your diary entry. Imagine, you are a Roman boy or girl.

Looking at your research from Monday, plan out using the template (can just do it in your book – no need to print).

Plan the beginning of your day, the middle and the end – remember to include your thoughts and feelings to each part – think about fronted adverbials and adverbs you could use from the example.

History: Carry on with your Roman book project.


If you've got enough research - you can start to make your book! See below for how to fold your booklet.






ICT - Have a go on Paint on the computer (see instructions below)

TTRockstars or X table booklet.


Week 2 Thursday

PE - pick an activity


Reading comprehension 3 little pigs.



Year 4: WEEK 2 Lesson 4                                              

Step 9 - Hundredths on a place value grid


Year 3: Lesson 4 Counting in tenths 


If your child finds these tricky: Lesson 4 Recognise a quarter



Homophones PPT Quiz or use the sheet provided.


Write your diary! Make it as interesting as you can. If you type it email it!

Remember it is about your day as a roman child and to include:

- thoughts, feelings and emotions

- fronted adverbials for when and where (For example: later that morning, in the distance,) - remember the COMMA!

- interesting adjectives

- ly adverbs (quickly, rapidly, quietly etc...)

Carry on with your Roman Project.




Thumbprint Art! Make any picture you like using paint.

No paint? Check out the science of how to make paint with things in your house!

Keep practising your X tables!!


Week 2 Friday

PE - Pick an activity

Maths: Year 4: WEEK 2 Lesson 5 Step 10 - Divide 1 or 2-digits by 100


Year 3: Lesson 5 Tenths as decimals


If your child finds these tricky: Find a quarter


Finish and edit your diary. Check spelling and punctuation.                                                                                                           Add pictures if you wish to.

Science – Have a go at labelling the bones of the skeleton! Listen to the skeleton bones song!


All about me Art! See picture for an idea.

Finish your Roman Project Book.


Other ideas:


  1. Collect items from around the house and make an obstacle course. Some ideas
  2. PSHE - why not make a scrap book of your time in isolation? You could include photos, pictures, anything at all to show what you did. Then, you can show family members and friends after isolation has finished!
  3. Woodland Trust outdoor ideas:
  4. Online Easter puzzles
  5. Research Roman pottery and design your own pot!
  6. Make a pop up Roman Arena
  7. Typing fun!
  8. Don't forget the Easter Craft links (code above to get them) and the art ideas.




Minecraft – if you have Minecraft they have loads of FREE education games to play on the store including:

  • International Space Station: Created with NASA, this lets you plan experiments on the space station.
  • Marine Biology Role Play: Explore the role of a marine biologist in a submarine.
  • Washington D.C.: Tour 17 national landmarks including the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument, Pentagon, and 13 other realistic national landmarks. Find your way in survival or creative mode, or do the story-based quest and take a quiz to prove your know D.C. 
  • Bees!: Learn about bees, become a beekeeper and explore a bee-based town.  
  • Mt. Olympus: Learn about Greek myths in this multiplayer environment.
  • Fun with Fractals: Build 3-D fractals in a mathematically-created world. 



Times Tables


All year we have a full concentration on times tables and dividing 


The government expectation is by the end of year 4, children should be able to recall all the times tables from

1x12 - 12x12.

Times table hats on and let's learn them!


Visit to earn your coins!


On Youtube there are some great times table songs to get into our heads.

Why not sing a long at home?


Year 2 expectations:

2 x table -

5 x table -

10 x table -

Year 3 expectations:

3x table- 

4 x table -

8 x table -

Year 4 expectations:

6 x table -

7 x table -

9 x table -

11 x table -

12 x table -


A great game to play to increase speed of number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables is

Hit the Button - follow the link (ctrl and click) to play at home: TopMarks


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Our Environment Project showcased at Morrisons, Belper - check it out!

Christmas Shinanigans!

Christmas Shinanigans! 1
Christmas Shinanigans! 2

Our fabulous calendars

Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking 1
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