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Tremendous Turtles

Welcome to Tremendous Turtles!

Mrs North year 5/6


Welcome to year 5/6!

I am excited to be part of the year 5/6 team this year.

In our class, we have Mrs Hartley and Mrs Dawson every morning and one of them in the afternoons.


This half term, our focus is ourselves and others, settling into routine, thinking about our brains, the Learning Pit and regulating our emotions. We will also be looking at how rules keep us safe, our own responsibilities in keeping safe and who to go to if they need help.


Star Writer this week:



Hero of the week:

We have 3 this week (it was sooooo hard!)


Being a FANTASTIC rolemodel


Work for children at home 

Below is some work for the children at home. We are currently putting up our English, maths, spellings and an afternoon project.

English is writing an autobiography about themselves. They will need a title, introduction and then subheadings for the different sections - the week begins with planning form the ideas we gathered last week (last week's ppt lessons have been condensed below so you can see what they did)

Some of the spellings we are covering are on the Powerpoint, but it would benefit for your child to begin practising the year 5/6 spelling words at home. More information can be found here 

If your child was off last week, they will have missed looking at what biographies are and an example. I have condensed last weeks lessons down so your child can have a look at what we did first.


Please continue to support your child's reading at home.

We do whole class reading in school 4 times a week and children have times where they read their book silently to themselves as well.

Mrs Vernon has put a link to a site if you don't have reading books at home on her class 'Seals page'


Due to copy right for the resources I am using, I am unable to share the two lessons on Roman numerals - if you google roman numerals lots of support comes up and this brilliant Horrible Histories Roman Numerals video The aim is the children can read and write roman numerals to 1000. 

They could:

- make them using sticks / lolly sticks

- create a code breaker

- complete the match attax sheet

- play an online quiz - 

Roman numerals

Maths Addition and subtraction

For afternoon work we will be doing PSHE, art, maths recovery, RE and PE.

Below is a sample of what we will do this week. We will be finishing off the art work from the first PPT first.

If you do not have access to the book Wonder, find a summary of the chapter used here - 


Welcome Back!

It is lovely to be back in the classroom and fantastic to see you all over the last few days! 

All the children were brilliant at following our new rules to help keep us safe and worked and played so well together. 

Can't wait to get back into the swing of things with you all - you are going to be an excellent team this year. Well done to you all for taking everything in your stride and being supportive and positive with each other.


Here are the class rules we came up with together:




Arrive: 9:45-9:55 - via the car park gate - children enter classroom via ramp and side entrance - straight into class

Pick up: 2:55pm


Only pencil cases, school book, diary, named water bottle and lunch boxes are permitted in school. Children may bring in their own sanitiser if they wish to. Nothing else to be bought in from home. 


Please find below the timetable for this half term (subject to change if needed):



PE is on a Friday afternoon.

Children are to come into school wearing their PE kit.

Plain joggers or leggings, navy blue or white T-shirt, a plain hoodie/jacket and trainers will be needed - please note we will be doing PE outside so pumps are not appropriate.



Homework will be sent out every Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

Homework will consist of maths and an English task (grammar or spellings) - the children will be able to work on this independently at home as it will be on something we have covered in class.


Spellings will be sent out every week to practise - we will do tests every half term, but not weekly tests. Please work with your child on any spellings they find tricky. Other spellings will also be covered in class. 


Reading - If your child reads 20 times in a half term, they will receive a certificate and a FREE book!

Reading has to be recorded in their diaries and needs to be signed by an adult every week.

Diaries will be checked every Monday for the previous week.


X tables - the school continues to pay for TTRockstars: please encourage your children to play regularly to increase their fluency in all the times tables. 



We have just written some fantastic poems about anger - without using the words anger or angry - Taboo! We have written some fantastic metaphors and similes and really thought about how anger affects us and how it feels.


We are now looking at biographies and will be writing our own autobiography next week. We will look at Martin Luther King and Jessica Ennis and the achievements they have made.


We are also starting to look at grammar and what we can remember about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and grammar tenses.


In spellings, we are looking at the 'ough' sound and the immense amount of sounds it makes! Just look at these words to see what we mean: tough, through, though, throughout, thought...


In reading, we are doing whole class reading focusing on complicated texts - we read together, discuss the text, look at vocabulary, draw and write what happened now, next then, draw pictures that form in our mind, retrieve information directly from the text and think about what we can infer. 

Children who are on higher book bands will be heard once a half term to check book band fluency and understanding and children who are still working their way up, will be heard at least weekly, preferably twice a week.


Please encourage your child to read regularly at home, particularly if they are on brown and grey book bands. Record the reading (or get your child to write it) in their diary and ensure it is signed for checking on a Monday. When your child has read 20 times, they will receive a certificate and a book!



We have looked at place value of numbers up to 1 million (year 6 up to 10 million) and we are now moving onto rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 - recapping what we know first and moving up to bigger numbers.


Every Friday, we do an arithmetic fluency and focus on the different strategies we use for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction of number and adding and subtracting fractions and decimals. Phew! Once we have looked at a few of these, I will send one home for you to see how your child is getting on and which areas still need some practise and revision.