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Welcome to the Super Seahorses’ webpage!

Week ending 28th May-

Congratulations to our HEROES OF THE WEEK - Lily S and Jake 





In English this week, we have been working on fact files/reports. In Maths, Mrs. Connellan's group have been  working on statistics and Mrs. Hamlin's group are continuing to work on shape. In PE, we are working on the skills needed for dodgeball. Our Science topic, is now States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases).

Matilda with a Mondrian style ram (June 2021)

Our English stimulus for English recently was an Egyptian mystery suitcase! (Monday 24th May)

Making and measuring angles (Monday 17th May)

Investigating in Science (Friday 14th May)

NSPCC Number Day (7th May)

Making our compost bin (7th May)

Collaborative Art (6th May)

Science- investigating the permeability of rocks (16th April 2021)

Art appreciation (15th April 2021)

Easter Craft (1st April 2021)

Superheroes themed Red Nose Day (19th March 2021).

Slightly older news-

Welcome back Super Seahorses after such a long time doing home learning!

We are really excited to see you all and get back to some kind of normality. We are very proud of how hard you worked at home, as we know it can't always have been easy. Whilst we have seen some of you when your parents have been working as keyworkers, we will be happiest when you are ALL back in the classroom!


We have new arrival and departure times; please come to school at 8.55am and you will be collected at 3.05pm please. Like last time you were in school, please only bring essential items like lunch boxes, one small pencil case and your water bottle.  


We are lucky enough to have Mr. Otton teaching us PE on Wednesdays again, so please come into school wearing your tracksuits/joggers etc.  Also, the year 4s will be starting their music lessons (in real life!) with Mr. Barks.


See you soon!


Mrs. Hamlin & Mrs. Connellan

Look at our WONDERFUL pebbles! Look out for them around Belper!

Science Week fun! (12th March 2021)

Some great Science work completed during home learning. Please see below.

Thank you for your photos! (22nd January 2021)

Ellie's digestive system work (15th January 2021)


We enjoyed signing for Santa (15th December 2020)

Christmas Jumper Day (10th December 2020)

Harrison and Annie-Mae showed the class their World War II artefacts. (8th December 2020)

CHILDREN IN NEED (Friday 13th November)

PE (October 2020)

Alex's fantastic homework (Friday 25th September)

Other Science homework

Earth and Space work (18th September 2020)

Our last task of our second PE lesson was to pass around a ball.

Click below to see our timetable (subject to change)

PSHE work on display (September 2020)

Our first PE lesson (September 2020)



A message from Mrs. Hamlin-



What can I tell you about myself? I have been lucky enough to work at Long Row for more years than you have been alive! I have taught all year groups from year 1 upwards and most recently have taught a mixed year 4/5 class  so am really pleased that I can do this again in September. Some of my favourite subjects are Maths, Art and P.E. Many of you have told me you like Art and Maths too, so that's great news!

In my spare time I love to read and in the past few weeks have read some amazing books that I hope to read to you when we are back at school. Like you, I live in lovely Belper. I have two children (who are quite grown up now) called Abi-who is 20 years old and studying for a law degree at university- and Fin who is 17 and is doing A levels at Belper School Sixth Form. We have a timid cat called Megan, who mainly likes to laze around inside our house, often warming herself up on our knees. 

Message from Mrs Connellan


I love my job. Teaching the fabulous children at Long Row is the best! I have worked here for 4 years, and before that I worked at a school in Derby for 5 years. My favourite lessons are Drama, English and Reading. You may recognise me from signing in assembly, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better! 

I have two boys, (Reuben who's 14 and Mally who's 10) and a guinea pig (Fang) who is often found trying to escape down the street. My favourite place to go and relax is my allotment and my favourite things to eat are either cheese or homemade (not by me) cake!

What will happen? 

In September, you might find that some things have changed since you were last in school. Please don't worry about this as we teachers will make sure that you understand any new rules and answer any of your questions to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. 

You will find out later the times that you need to arrive and be collected from school. We are trying to ensure that we have fewer people at the school gates at one time. When you arrive in the playground, you will see our classrooms (yes- we are lucky enough to have the use of two, with an inside door between them):


Please come into school via the door on the left of our classrooms (see below):
In the cloakroom, a teacher will help you find your peg for your coat and bag. Then come into the classroom through this door:

In the classroom, we will help you find your seat (and after the register) will start to get to know you! The walls will be quite bare, so we are looking forward to putting up some of your lovely artwork to make the classrooms more cheerful.


Have a really lovely summer. We can't wait to teach you soon.


Mrs Hamlin and Mrs Connellan