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Successful Seals

Welcome to the Successful Seals!


Work for those self-isolating 
We will aim to provide work as closely linked to that of the work in class, however we aren't able to provide some of our resources online as they aren't available without PC downloads etc. For some things, we are only able to provide links to platforms. 

TT Rockstars


In class we will be competing against each other on TT rockstars. 


If you want to play at home, you will be ready for when you return! 


5 in 5

Each day we complete the corbett maths 5 in 5. 

Pick your correct challenge and the correct day. 



In class, we will be learning spelling throughout our English lessons. If you are at home, your child will benefit from revising the Year 5/6 spelling list. 

This can be found here: 

Your child can revise their spellings using some of the activity ideas below!

First two weeks back!


Well done to all children on returning to school so well. It has been so lovely to have all our children back again and enjoying watching them play and enjoy being with their friends again. We are starting to get used to the new timetable and routines, and I'm sure we will make great progress this year. The children are working on their resilience this half term, for example: checking their work and making corrections, using tools such as dictionaries without being prompted and feeling it is okay to be in the 'learning pit', where we can make mistakes and learn from them. 


Meet the Teacher:

Thank you to everyone who joined our meeting on Thursday, it was fantastic to see so many parents. If you weren't able to join, please see below for an overview of what we talked about:


  • Your child's teacher is Mrs Vernon and your child's teaching assistant is Mrs Davies. We have both been in Year 6 for a long time and enjoy the journey of Year 6! We both love our jobs and aim to have a fantastic class atmosphere. All we ask is for children to be the best they can be. We will always encourage children to try their best. 
  • Currently, we are completing a recovery curriculum, which means we are trying to support the children to catch up anything they have missed over the last 6 months, as well as introducing new learning. 
  • We are still rewarding reading at home! Reading is so important in everything the children do, it can have an extremely large impact on the children's academic confidence. Once your child has read 20 times at home (over a half-term), we will reward them with a book and a certificate. Please note the tracker starts again at 0 each half-term. Please mark in your child's home-school diary when they have read at home. As a class, we complete whole class reading, this is really beneficial for the children in Year 6 as they encourage each other to think deeper about the texts. We will complete targeted 1:1 reading with some children. 
  • Thank you for sending your children into school in their PE kits on a Thursday. Please can we ask that children wear PE clothing suitable for rounders (not gymnastics outfits or football boots etc.). PE is taught by Rob each week. Mr Olloton is taking children to learn how to be a mini-leader, this is on a Wednesday. If your child volunteered for this opportunity, please send them into school in their PE kits on a Wednesday too. Thank you!
  • Homework will be given every Friday and must be handed in by the following Thursday. Thank you for your support in this.
  • R Time will still be held in classes each Friday. We will have a star of the week and a writer of the week as well as rewarding reading and 'over and above' cards. If your child has received a time out, you will be informed via a phone call and your child will miss 5 minutes of R time for each time out in that week. 
  • Year 6 children can bring their phones to school, however they must hand them in first thing in a morning and they will get them back at the end of the day. 
  • If you want your child to walk home from school alone, we must have a slip from you to gain permission. 


If you have any further questions, please let me know!

If you have any queries or messages, please now email as the class email is no longer in use. Thank you 😊