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Successful Seals

Welcome to the Successful Seals!


Week Commencing 15.3.2021


A superb second week back for Year 6! I am so proud of their efforts in their work this week - they have tried so hard.


Our star of the week this week is Katy, she is always ready to learn and always gives 100%.


Our writer of the week this week is Sam, he is trying so hard to include all the features of grammar and to write clearly with superb vocabulary choices. 


Well done both!



This week, we have studied area. We started off the week by finding out about the area of triangles and recognising the relationship they share with a rectangle. 


We now know that the area of a triangle is found by using the formula:


base x height divided by 2. 


More information can be found below: 


Children could play this on Maths Shed. 

If children login:

Click Maths Shed

Stage 6

Spring Term

Lesson 3, 4 or 5.


We then moved onto the area of other shapes. 


After that, we have started to learn about volume. We know that volume is about 3d shapes and has 3 measurements. 

Length x height x depth

It is measured as cm cubed. 


This week's homework for maths has been set on EdShed for Volume. 




In English, we have been completing our letters to Boris Johnson about the refugee crisis worldwide. We have been thinking about the character Ahmet in our class story: Boy at the Back of the Class.

We have been editing our writing to ensure we have used the best vocabulary possible. We have used a formal style of writing and have been discussing the differences between formal and informal language. 


We are writing these up on Monday (22.3.21) and will be sending them to the Prime Minister. 

Photos to be uploaded on Monday to show you how super our letters are!


Spelling Shed:

Please see the letter emailed to you by the school office. The children have been provided with their logins and have been shown how to find the different activities on EdShed. 

We hope your child enjoys practising their spellings in this new way!



Science week:

We completed an experiment with an egg! The children were all provided with the same materials and had to protect their egg as much as they possibly could. They had an egg, 5 sheets of paper, 5 pieces of tissue, 5 cotton wool pads and 30cm of sellotape. 

We then took our eggs to the field and they were thrown as far as Mrs Vernon's arms could possibly reach. 12 of our eggs survived, 3 died and 1 cracked! We were very impressed with the amount that survived. Well done Year 6! 



Comic Relief:

Superb efforts with your outfits Year 6! I have loved seeing who inspires you and who is a hero to you.

We have had people come dressed as their grandads, their parents, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Vets and many more.

Well done!