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Stunning Starfish

Welcome to the Stunning Starfish!


Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4!

Firstly, we would like to thank you for being so sensible, helpful and enthusiastic on your return to school. It’s wonderful to have you back in school.

The start of any new year can be a little daunting and is especially so this year, as schools adapt to follow new guidelines. We hope the following information is helpful to you and your parents/carers as you settle back in the new school routine. 


Arriving at and leaving school

Our class drop-off time is between 8:55 and 9:05am and you will need to enter through the main playground gate.

Our class pick-up time is 3:05pm from the main playground gate.

Should you arrive late in the morning, or if your parent/carer is late to collect you, then they will need to go to the middle gate on Long Row and buzz through to the office.



This term we will have PE on a Wednesday and you will need to come to school wearing your PE kit.  We suggest joggers, t-shirt, sweatshirt and trainers as PE will be taught outside wherever possible.  Coats can be worn as needed.

All jewellery has to be removed for PE, and long hair needs to be tied back.



A home learning task will usually be set on a Friday, to be completed by the following Wednesday.  This may be a short Maths or English task, or occasionally some Topic based work.  Please ask if you are unsure about any home learning task.



Spelling word lists will be sent home regularly.  You will also get spelling activities to complete at home.



Please make sure you have your school reading book in school every day.  It is really important that you read as often as you can at home too, and record this in your Home/School diary.  Books will be changed on Monday and Thursday.


Times Tables Rockstars

You now have access to your individual Rockstar account and we hope you enjoy this fun way to help master your times tables! Please remember to log on and complete a session as often as you can – each session only takes a few minutes!


Named Pencil cases

Your pencil case should be a small zip up style case with a pencil, ruler, a few crayons, pencil sharpener and glue stick.  These will only be used by you and we will replace items when they run out.  Please do not bring anything else from home.


Named Water bottles and snack

It is really important to bring a named water bottle to school each day.  You may also want to bring a small snack, such as a piece of fruit or plain biscuit, for morning break. You will keep these in your table baskets.


Class webpage

This will be updated regularly with information and photos of what we have been doing in school.   We will also include links to home learning tasks as needed.


Mrs Z-B & Mrs Deegan

Here is our timetable for Autumn Term 1 (subject to change as needed):

Friday 24th July 2020 CLASSROOM UPDATE  

Good morning Stunning Starfish.  We hope you have had a fun start to the school holidays?  This week we have been busy preparing our new classroom.  The school and classrooms will look a little different to normal, but we hope that these photos will help you to get a better idea of what to expect when you return in September.


Our class will be using the main playground gate on Long Row and a member of staff will greet you at the gate each morning. The playground looks a little different as it has been split into different ‘zones’ – we will explain these to you when you are back in school.  There are markings on the floor and signs to remind us all about social distancing expectations and which way to walk.



We will be using this external door to enter the building. 

Our classroom is upstairs - remember to keep to the left and turn left at the top of the stairs!


We are lucky to have a cloakroom area for bags and coats in the entrance to our room. (The display above the pegs is of work you have sent us during ‘lockdown’.)  You all have a named peg and it is really important to keep this area neat and tidy.  Remember that you should only be bringing in a flat book bag style bag or a carrier bag as they can be stored more easily – please do not bring rucksacks.  Bags should go on the bottom peg and coats on the top peg.


We have two sinks in the classroom and this will be where you will wash your hands on arrival in school.  You will also use these sinks for handwashing at other regular times during the day.  We are looking forward to you filling these colourful frames with pictures!


This board will have the meal choices for the day and any other important information, such as birthdays!  Happy Birthday to those of you who are celebrating your birthday over the summer holidays.

Our PE day is a Wednesday.  You will need to come to school in your PE kit.  As PE will be outside whenever possible it is important that you wear joggers, t-shirt, trainers and a sweatshirt.   You will also need to ensure that any earrings are removed before coming to school on PE days and that long hair is tied back.



This is the main part of our classroom.  As you will see, the tables are all in rows facing the front.  A name label will be on your table ready for September so that you know where to sit.  You will need to keep your pencil case and water bottle on your table.  It is really important that you bring both to school every day and that they are named!  Your pencil case should be a small zip up style case with a pencil, ruler, a few crayons, pencil sharpener and glue stick.  These will only be used by you and we will replace items when they run out.  You can also bring a healthy snack for break.  Please do not bring anything else from home.



We also have a book area and resource shelves.  This board has our visual timetable on for the day.  We will all work together as we get used to our new times for the start of the day, break, lunch and the end of the day!  We will be organising your new reading books over the first couple of weeks of term.  If you do have any school reading books at home please return these on the first day back.


What a view!   We are lucky to have views of Long Row, Bridge Street and across to the East Mill.  We can also see and hear the peregrine falcons at the Mill! 

We hope you all have a lovely summer and we look forward to welcoming you back to school in September.

Mrs Z-B and Mrs Deegan smiley