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Meet the Governors

Welcome to Long Row School Governors page


Governors play an important role in the work of the school.  
Below is a brief overview of our role and what we do.


    Governors have the responsibility to:-

  • ensure that our school has clear aims and values and is being run 
    effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the pupils and the wider 

  • focus on raising standards of achievement, establishing high 
    expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning so that 
    every pupil achieves his/her full potential

  • ensure that a balanced budget is set and that funding is directed to 
    school priorities

  • recognise and celebrate the achievements of the school

   What our Governors do…

   The Full Governing Body (all Governors) meets once each term. There 
   is a formal agenda with our Clerk to the Governors taking notes which 
   become the official minutes of the meeting. The Headteacher provides 
   a full update of the previous few months in a Headteacher Report and 
   the Chair of Governors feeds back information about Governor 
   Committee meetings, Governors visits and Governor monitoring

   There are two committees - standards and resource management.

   The standards committee meets 3 times per year and  the resource

   management committee meets 6 times per year.

   Governors make both formal and informal visits to the school on a 
   regular basis to ensure that they are knowledgeable and informed 
   about the school

   Governors are always part of any recruitment process, including 
   observing applicants teaching and taking part in formal interviews

   Governors attend regular training session including induction training 
   and safeguarding training  


   The Government expects Governors to:-

  • systematically monitor the school’s progress towards meeting 
    agreed development targets

  • be well informed and knowledgeable about the school

  • take and support decisions in the interests of pupils

  • visit school to gather  information about the work of the school 
    alongside the Headteacher

   If you would like any further information about our Governing Body, 
   please see Mrs Taylor in the school office in the first instance.


   Ian Newton (Chair of Governors)