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Home Learning


This information is aimed to support you in working with your child over the next few weeks. The planning will be updated weekly, to support your child to continue their learning from home. I've tried not to  overwhelm you with too much! Please do not feel pressured to do it all at once - little and often is key. If nothing else, play games and enjoy this extra time with your child!


Hi Delightful Dolphins, I am really missing you all! I hope that you are all staying safe and enjoying time at home. I have been helping Holly with her school work and enjoying the sunshine this week. We have been out walking with Lobo and having lots of fun in the garden. We baked some delicious chocolate cakes, and have been joining in with Joe Wicks every day too - its all about balance! I hope you enjoyed this week's activities, below is the planning for week 2. 


Keep smiling and washing your hands!smiley


Miss Davis x


Oxford Owl gives children access to free eBooks - please search for their current book band and continue to read regularly


Continue to practise reading and spelling tricky words. A list of these, amongst many other educational resources can be found on Twinkl



Please recap all sounds daily. Play 'speed trial' or 'time challenge' on Phonics Play (link below)


This week please focus on: 'ew', 'oe', 'au' and 'ey' sounds.


Practise reading and writing words with these sounds and putting words into sentences.

(ew - chew, stew, crew, threw, screw, blew)

(oe - toe, goes)

(au - launch, August, haunted)

(ey - turkey, donkey, money, key, trolley, chimney)


Play reading games such as 'Buried treasure', 'Dragons Den' and 'Picnic on Pluto' all available on Phonics Play.

Username: march20 

Password: home


Focus - Continue with 'Weight and Volume'

Please see the PowerPoint below - split into 5 lessons

Monday - Discuss the difference between capacity and volume. Capacity - the amount that a container can hold. Volume - The amount that the container is holding now. You will need some cups and a bowl of water. Fill your cups (full, half full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty) and have a go at ordering them from the least to the most.

TuesdayComplete worksheet below - please select an appropriate level of challenge for your child.

Wednesday - Discuss how size, height and width of various containers alone doesn’t necessarily determine if it holds more or less. For example, a tall container might hold less than a shorter one as it might be narrower if you have containers of various shapes and sizes at home you could estimate, then test how many cups/scoops of water they will hold.

Thursday - Please complete worksheet below - measuring capacity in non standard units.

Friday - Please complete worksheet below - compare capacity.


Focus: Letter Writing

Monday - Please encourage your child to read the letter below independently. 


Tuesday - On the letter that I sent to you, can you find and label the following: The senders address, the date, the greeting, the main body of the letter, the senders name. 

Wednesday - Plan your letter: Think about some things that you have been doing at home. Draw pictures in the boxes.


Thursday - Write the conjunction 'and' between your pictures on your plan. Can you write 3 sentences using 'and' to join your ideas. E.g. I went for a walk in the woods and I baked some yummy cakes. 

Friday - Write a reply to my letter and if you can, post it to school. Remember to include: Your address, the date, the greeting, the main body of the letter use your planning to help you with this, your name.

Extension - You could find a friend to be your penpal and write letters to them regularly to stay in touch, you could also write letters to an elderly family member or neighbour. 



We have been using Bee-Bots in school to support us with our early coding skills. Download the Bee-Bot app (free) and have a go at working your way through the levels!


Don't forget to stay active! Get outdoors - go for walks, learn to ride your bike, play on your trampolines (if you have them), play football, learn to skip, use chalk to make a hop-scotch or draw lines to balance along, but in the event of rain.... here are some links to stay active indoors:


BBC Supermovers - We often enjoy these in school at the end of a day, or as a brain break in between lessons:


Cosmic Kids Yoga - Fun, story based yoga sessions:


PE with Joe - Kids workout clips with Joe Wicks - he will be introducing new sessions to his YouTube Channel:


imoves - Short blast exercise videos and PSHE ideas:


To continue our current topic Land Ahoy!

Research information on Grace Darling and create your own poster, leaflet or power point presentation.

To help you, watch the class clip on Grace Darling


Then discuss the questions:

What would have been the good things about living in a lighthouse, and what not so good?

After rescuing the people from the storm, Grace says that 'perhaps she was brave.' Do you think she was brave?

Did she deserve all the attention from newspapers and painters?

Do you agree with Grace that the attention and fame was because she was a girl?

Other useful video links are:


Other useful websites:


Topmarks -