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Long Row Primary School

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                                                     CURRICULUM INTENT STATEMENT


 At Long Row we have high expectations of all our pupils. We strive to deliver inspirational learning for our pupils, instilling a desire to be lifelong learners. 

Our mastery approach to the curriculum introduces pupils to knowledge sequentially, enabling them to revisit and deepen their learning across all subjects.

Procedural knowledge (skills) is developed and revisited within year groups and across subjects as pupils apply their learning in more complex ways.

We frame learning within a broad question so that pupils can begin to explore and develop their own learning both within the school and wider community. We ensure that learning has authentic outcomes, so that pupils can see their learning as meaningful and purposeful - growing to respect and value others points of view, thoughts and ideas.





At Long Row, our curriculum is underpinned by the development of skills and knowledge as pupils progress through school. Subject specific skills are developed progressively throughout each key stage, other more generic skills are developed across all subjects and all year groups. We call these ABC skills:-


  • Assess themselves and others
  • Collaborate with others
  • Work towards goals, showing initiative, commitment and perseverance
  • Seek out challenges and show flexibility as learning develops     


  • Communicate ideas in writing efficiently
  • Speak clearly to articulate ideas confidently
  • Read and understand a variety of texts
  • Calculate efficiently and apply mathematical skills to solve problems 
  • Use IT confidently and effectively


  • Connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways
  • Ask questions to develop and extend thinking
  • Generate ideas and explore possibilities
  • Explore alternative ideas and experiment with new solutions when facing problems/barriers


Teachers then plan using a concept based learning approach, beginning with curriculum content, then identifying key concepts that enable us to build cohesive and multi-layered projects across each term. Concepts are used to frame an enquiry question as a starting point for each project.

For example:- What does a winner look like? Who is important to you? What does home mean to you?


Projects are developed over a term, each term having a particular curriculum focus.

AUTUMN : Discover – history

SPRING : Explore – geography

SUMMER: Create – art and design technology


We aim to make learning as ‘real’ as possible, therefore we enhance our curriculum with a variety of visits/ visitors within each project. Each project also has an authentic outcome that children will be working towards as their learning progresses. These outcomes are for an audience/purpose.

For example:-

  • Producing leaflets to promote tourism in Belper
  • Art displays for the local community
  • Setting up a museum display
  • Publishing a book linked to the project

Whilst there is a specific focus for each term, children access other subjects discretely. You can see year group coverage for  each subject below.