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Tremendous Turtles

Welcome to Tremendous Turtles!

Mrs North year 3/4

We are now well into our Romans topic, 'I am Warrior'. To 'kick off' our topic, we made Roman style coins out of clay and painted them. We have enjoyed sketching and learning about Roman life. We will continue with the topic after the Easter holidays.



When we worked on our topic of 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile'

 we looked at human and other animal teeth, the digestive system, body parts and bacteria.


We have been looking at how effectively we brush our teeth. Everyone brushed their teeth for two minutes and chewed a disclosing tablet. This showed us any plaque on our teeth - blue for old and red for new. We studied our teeth in a mirror and noted down where we need to brush better. Then we brushed and brushed to get rid of the plaque. Great job at keeping our teeth healthy!



We have also looked at the amount of sugar in some foods.

We used sugar cubes to show how much sugar there is and recorded it in our books. We were shocked to find out there are 13 sugar cubes in a 100g of white buttons!



We have also cooked some yummy healthy 'Sunshine' muffins - no butter and hardly any sugar. If you would like to bake at home here is the link to the recipe (we used 2 grated apples instead of mango): 



We have made a gigant-a-gut! 

In groups we have made each part of the digestive system. we had to think about the function and how we were going to make it. 


We tested our parts and amended them and then connected them all together to make a class digestive system! We tried to digest Weetabix which got as far as the stomach, where we realised we had put the small intestine tube in too far! 

Water made its way all the way out to make a very watery 'poo'!






Our focus is 'Being Safe and Healthy'

We will be thinking about the importance of a balanced diet, good hygiene, human body parts and keeping safe.


We have looked at the 'Learning Pit' and talked about how we learn. 

The children talked about how finding things difficult and having to think and work it out is what learning is, not waiting for someone to do it for them or copying.


The children have been fantastic with thinking about their learning this week - excellent work Turtles! (Update 16.1.18)



We are reading non-fiction books and extracts to write our own report.


We have been doing lots of whole class reading. Thinking about the structure of non-fiction texts, summarising paragraphs and coming up with our own subheadings. We are now looking at an example and focusing in on the key grammar and sentence structures.


Not only have we written reports, we have also written an explanation text on the digestive system.

Here is a super example by James:


Reading - Reading will be whole class over 3-4 days a week. Some children will be heard individually.

Please support your child by listening to them read at home or talking to them about what they are reading in silence.

If they read 3 times per week and you sign their diary, they get a sticker for their READ to RED chart. Ten stickers = a new book!


Our main focuses this term are:

  • Understanding what we read and retrieving information

Looking at how information is organised

  • Understanding the meaning of words from what is written.

There are so many new words that children come across, it is impossible to teach them the meaning of them all! It helps if you discuss words they read and talk about what they mean in relation to the sentence, to help them work out words on their own.



In maths, we are focusing on multiplication and division, perimeter and area and fractions.


Please continue to support your child in practising their times tables and division facts.


We have also looked at multiplying 2 digit numbers with 1 digit. We went on a hunt in the classroom and had to remember how to set out the question to help us to work out the answer. We use QR codes to check if we were right and then had to have another go to spot our mistakes. 


All year we have a full concentration on times tables and dividing 


The government expectation is by the end of year 4, children should be able to recall all the times tables from 1x12 - 12x12.

Times table hats on and let's learn them!


Visit to earn your coins!


On Youtube there are some great times table songs to get into our heads.

Why not sing a long at home?


Year 2 expectations:

2 x table -

5 x table -

10 x table -

Year 3 expectations:

3x table 

4 x table -

8 x table -

Year 4 expectations:

6 x table -

7 x table -

9 x table -

11 x table -

12 x table -


A great game to play to increase speed of number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables is

Hit the Button - follow the link (ctrl and click) to play at home: TopMarks


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.