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Welcome to Tremendous Turtles!

Mrs North year 3/4


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for improving his attitude to work tremendously and being a delight to have in class



This half term's topic is 'POTIONS'

WE have looked at Harry Potter, Alice in wonderland, solids, liquids and gases, labels, experimented with balloons and investigated viscosity using pipes!



Reading - I am now concentrating on whole class reading to improve the children's comprehension skills.If your child needs to work on their fluency, they will be heard at different times.


Our main focuses this half term are:

  • inferring (thinking about how characters feel even if it is not written, why they have done things and what they are thinking).
  • Understanding the meaning of words from what is written.

There are so many new words that children come across, it is impossible to teach them the meaning of them all! It helps if you discuss words they read and talk about what they mean in relation to the sentence, to help them work out words on their own.


In maths, we are having full concentration on times tables and dividing for the half term, as well as revisiting arithmetic and things we found tricky last half term.


We are learning to tell the time over the next three weeks - this is a difficult skill for some children and it would help if you could support your child at home too.


The government expectation is by the end of year 4, children should be able to recall all the times tables from 1x12 - 12x12.

Times table hats on and let's learn them!


On Youtube there are some great times table songs to get into our heads.

Why not sing a long at home?


Year 2 expectations:

2 x table -

5 x table -

10 x table -

Year 3 expectations:

3x table 

4 x table -

8 x table -

Year 4 expectations:

6 x table -

7 x table -

9 x table -

11 x table -

12 x table -


A great game to play to increase speed of number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables is

Hit the Button - follow the link (ctrl and click) to play at home: TopMarks


Upcoming event - Chinese New Year culture day - 27th January: We welcome Education Ltd to lead dance workshops throughout the day...


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.