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Successful Seals

Welcome to the Successful Seals!


Welcome back to the new school year. We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday. It is great to see the children entering their new year group with such enthusiasm.

Our current whole class aims:



We use a range of methods to teach reading, including guided, whole class and independent reading. 


We love reading in Year 5/6. We are 'Reading to Red' to achieve a sticker at the end of every week, but we must read at least three times, although the more times, the better! 


We are developing shared reading strategies.


We are focusing on the following strategies (try these at home too!) 

  • making pictures in our heads
  • listening to someone read 
  • asking questions when we don't understand (clarify)
  • summarising (first, next, then)
  • predicting using the text
  • inferring using the text 


We are becoming more confident every day!



We are currently focusing on place value. We have learnt the difference between a number and a digit and we know there are only 10 digits in the whole universe! 


Using our knowledge of place value, we have been reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000.





Our current focus: Newspaper reports


We have been linking our English to our topic theme 'Stargazers'. This week we have focused on a newspaper report about Tim Peake landing back on Earth after a mission to the ISS. 


We are learning all about Space in our new topic 'Stargazers!'


We had a great time last week when Auriga Astronomy came to visit school and we all entered a real planetarium. We have learnt lots of facts about space so far including: The size, distance and order of the planets, Galileo's discoveries and the phases of the moon. 



We are currently learning all about space and the solar system. This week we will be learning all about day and night. 


We have PE on a Thursday with Richard. Please ensure you have your PE kit in every day. Also ensure any long hair can be placed up in a bobble / hair band, as well as earrings being removed. Children cannot place tape over their earrings. 


This year, we will be running the daily mile each day. Please ensure children have appropriate footwear in school every day.